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Stephen Powell


Fathom Realty - Palm Springs, CA

Agents Become Owners

Fathom Realty is owned by our agents. This helps ensure our core principles and company goals are aligned.

Fast Growing

Fathom Realty has been recognized as one of the largest brokerages in the U.S. by the REAL Trends 500 ranking. 9th largest independent, 15th largest overall.

Fathom Cares

Fathom Realty gives back to our communities through agent-led service projects and charitable giving.

About Stephen Powell

Powell, now a licensed Broker stepped easily into real estate from his more than twenty years in the hospitality industry. Powell has sold homes in the desert for over 15 years and has extensive knowledge of the Coachella Valley. Powell builds lasting bonds with his clients, and he takes pride in knowing they return to him for his honesty, hard work and knowledge; he takes seriously his well-earned reputation as one of the most trustworthy agents in desert real estate. “I’ve been honored with Top Sales awards and a Top Listing Agent award,” he notes, “but my satisfaction truly does come from my business. They know I am at their service. I’ve provided that ‘caring touch’ to each one of my clients throughout my career.”